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With over 15 years of experience in Naturopathic Medicine and the healing arts, Dr. Natalie is a unique source of support on your path to wellness. Dr. Natalie works with individuals and groups both in-person in Santa Fe, NM, as well as virtually via Zoom.

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Let's get passionate about health

I am very passionate about natural health, nutrition, plant medicine, and especially about taking a holistic approach to well-being.

I take your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual, social health and more into account in our work together. With my expertise and experience, I channel this passion for health and wholeness to empower you to make healthy choices for yourself, your family, and your community.

Let's be partners in your healing process

My goal is to help you identify and remove obstacles to cure, be they habits, thought forms, or emotional experiences that stand in the way of your healing process.

I can teach you how diet, lifestyle choices, mindfulness, and self-care practices can dramatically influence your health for the better. By deeply listening to your health concerns and goals, I will develop a therapeutic relationship with you that enables us to become true partners on your journey to wellness.

Learn about your body

When you understand how your body works, you are much more effective in actively supporting your healing process.

I will teach you about your anatomy and physiology, offer some perspectives on how to embody your human experience, and educate you to recognize signs of imbalance. With this understanding you are able to come into deeper relationship with your body, mind, and beyond, and to discern what health truly means to you.

Let's connect with the power of plants

Plants are used as medicine by every culture around the world, as general tonics and for specific ailments.

I educate you about how to bring useful plants into your life through your diet and customized herbal formulations. I also teach you how to develop nurturing relationships with plants. I create customized herbal formulations for most of my patients, and am confident in their efficacy for the treatment of most acute and chronic conditions.

Client Testimonials
  • "My experience with Dr. Metz was a blend of a scientific approach (eg, a lab test to determine what bacteria lives in my gut) and plant-based medicine (plus diet and lifestyle recommendations) to get my body back in homeostasis, and my gut bacteria back into balance. It changed my life. I really can't recommend her too highly."

    Austin W.
  • "Dr. Natalie is a talented compassionate person who has wonderful bedside skills as well as being very knowledgeable. She is kind and caring with a human to human touch that leaves you feeling like she really knows you and your needs"

    Karen B.
  • "I worked with Dr. Metz for a few months to treat an acute health issue. She was always informative, compassionate, present, professional and personable. I appreciate the ways she helped me understand the treatment protocol and how we were treating the issue through many avenues. She listens and adapts the treatments as needed during every visit. I found working with Dr. Metz to be transformative, illuminating and empowering"

    Chris T.