Expanded states of consciousness can inspire profound growth

Dr Natalie supports individuals and groups who are interested in exploring these realms, and helps them to integrate the material encountered and potential lessons learned.

Integration of Life Experiences

There is an innate intelligence in each of us that guides us towards wholeness.

The experiences that we encounter in life are sometimes easeful and pleasant, while others are extremely challenging and difficult to integrate. For example, the birth or death of a loved one, severe illness, trauma, or a near death, mystical, or psychedelic experience can leave one with questions about the meaning of life and the nature of existence.

Profound questions and insights can be catalyzed by experiences of this nature, and unpacking and integrating their wisdom can support the innate holotropism in each of us. Drawing upon my experience studying Naturopathic Medicine, shamanism, indigenous healing traditions, Gestalt, Hakomi, and mind-body medicine, I work with clients to explore and integrate beyond-ordinary life experiences.

Ways we can work together


Perhaps you are preparing for a vision quest or a trip to the Peruvian Amazon, and would like to bring more attention to your intentions. Schedule a time to discuss ways to optimize the potential benefit of your journey to new frontiers.


Have you had a potentially transformative experience and could use some support digesting and assimilating it into your daily life? Schedule a time focus on unpacking your experience and integrating its potential value.

Ongoing Support

Sometimes we need ongoing support to metabolize potent life experiences. Consider scheduling a series of sessions to optimize your integration potential.

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My Personal Journey

In my youth, I was exposed to the traditions of several groups of indigenous peoples in the US, Costa Rica, and Australia, and grew fascinated by the wisdom present in these cultures. Following this fascination, I studied Anthropology and Sociology during college, which included regular meetings with a local Cherokee Medicine Man. I learned so much from him about Native American ways, energy healing, working with plant medicines and more, that this potent influence set me on the course to study Naturopathic Medicine.

My interest in this area continued in medical school and led me to volunteer at Sun Dance ceremonies in Northern Arizona for four years, supporting Sun Dancers and the immediate and extended community in our communal prayers for healing. I worked primarily as a medical provider there, yet also had an opportunity to sit in sweat lodge and participate in pipe ceremonies. After medical school I traveled to Hawai'i and Mexico, and studied with several local healers there, continuing to be inspired by the deep wisdom I encountered.

Since moving to California in 2007, I have continued to study various lineages of indigenous wisdom traditions, ethnobotany, and sacred plant medicine. And as I spend more time in New Mexico, I look forward to learning more about the traditions and sacred ways of the Pueblo people, and deepening my study of shamanism and intuitive medicine.

I am ongoingly deepening my study and practice around holding ceremonial space and supporting people who are integrating beyond-ordinary life experiences. It is an honor to offer this type of service, and I do so with love, compassion, and humility.

Dr. Natalie Metz, ND

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